Audi sharpening their teeth to take on MINI with their A1

Audi A1 – computer rendered version

Audi Company does not exclude opportunity to add one sub-compact model to their production line to compete against British car called Mini. We should remember our readers, that Mini at this point is owned by German carmaker BMW. BMW and Mini management will make final decision concerning development of this car in the nearest future.

If development of this very compact car will start by receiving complete approval and dedication from the management of BMW, then it is highly possible that this car will be built around the same platform, that will be used in future Seat Ibiza. Current Ibiza generation uses the same platform, which is being used in newest Volkswagen Polo. Current smallest Audi car is called A2. That is why not so surprisingly new subcompact will be called A1 and they should make it really compact, because by our humble opinion A0 would sound very strange if management of Audi decides to build even smaller car.

Fifth generation of Volkswagen should do a fine job by borrowing this fine looking new Audi its petrol and diesel engines. After a while, 1.4 litre Turbo/Supercharged engine ouputting 170hp should hop into A1. That kind of powerplant would allow this car to compete against the hottest Mini version called Cooper S.

By some sources, this sub-compact Audi should cost 15 to 20 thousand Euros (about 19 to 25,5 thousand US dollars), but more recent info narrowed down this price range to 16-18 thousand Euros (about 20,5 to 23 thousand US dollars). Official presentation of A1 should take place in Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 and mass-production will begin only somewhere in the middle of 2010.