Audi starts the production of II generation TT coupe

Yesterday Audi Company announced that the production of second generation Audi TT coupe has started in one of their factories located in Hungary, Europe. 20 million Euros (about 25 million US dollars) were spent to construct assembly line for the new one TT in the Hungarian factory and 210 million Euros (about 265 million US dollars) were invested in this coupe development. So it makes a total 230 million Euros (about 290 million US dollars) just to continue this legacy of this ultra slim shaped coupe. We all hope that 210 million of Euros were wisely spent remembering the fact that first previous generation TT’s had some serious aerodynamic and handling problems (car had tendency to do a lift off oversteer at high speeds) at high speed, which were later solved by adding a spoiler on the rear part of this car.

Second generation Audi TT

This car was presented to public much earlier this year. To be more exact it happened on the 6th of April.

Second generation Audi TT

This car is a further evolution of ultra-slim design style that it presented by first appearing as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1995. It took about 4 years for the first generation TT to roll of the assembly line. Abbreviation TT stands for the “Tourist Trophy” (it is the name of annual road race on the Isle of Man located somewhere near England). As you can see it took another 7 years to create second generation Audi TT coupe, which became notably wider (on 7,62 cm or 3 inches) and longer (on 12,7 cm or 5 inches) comparing to its predecessor. Though this car continues the legacy of the same design style as it predecessor, but as you can see in the pictures, it was totally redesigned to have similarities with current Audi model line up.

First generation Audi TT

This car is powered by either 4-cylinder engine outputting 200hp or 6-cylinder engine making even more ponies. 250 horsies are available from this V6 powerplant, which is connected to a DSG gearbox transferring power to a world famous Audi full (or should we say 4) wheel drive – Quattro. These characteristics enables this TT version do 0 to 100km/h (0-60mph) in 5,7 seconds. Weaker version with 4-cylinder powerplant will only be equipped with a front wheel drive.

Second generation Audi TT Coupe automatic rear spoiler in action

Talking about earlier mentioned wise spending Audi did not forgot about the first generation aerodynamic problems, which led to serious handling issues and equipped new generation TT coupe with automatic rear spoiler, which deploys, when this car reaches 120km/h (about 75 mph) speed.

Second generation Audi TT interior

New Audi TT will hit markets this Septembers. V6 version should cost somewhere near 36000 US Dollars (about 28500 Euros).