Baby TT from Audi and KTM

Posted on January 18, 2017 in Audi


What do you think if European giant carmaker Audi would merge his powers with an Australian motorcycle maker in a quest to build some quite cool car? This kind of marriage isn’t very rare in autoworld, but it means that this product could be outstanding. This could be truth at the end of this year. These both giants would like to produce compact roadster in the ideology closed to Lotus Elise. Designed to major on driving thrills, this newcomer will be highly exclusive, with only a limited number of examples planned to manufacture. Currently they think about this limitation, because who knows will it become competitive with others in this market share. Recently they made a decision to show this fabulous car in January of the next year in Detroit’s Motor Show.

Such roadster is planned to manufacture on the basis of innovative superrigid frame with superlight body panels. This roadster will be powered by a 1,4litre Volkswagen engine and equipped with the latest TSI hybrid turbocharger. Such engine in VW Golf possesses 170 horsepowers and has very low fuel consumption. The weight of the future roadster will be around 700-800 kgs (a little bit over 1,500 pounds) (Sorry, but you couldn’t take it to the party). Taking into account the fact, that this car can reach speed of hundred kilometres per hour from zero less than in six seconds with such tiny engine makes this car somewhat exclusive. So if you would like to escape from boring girls in the party it will be an easy thing to do so. Only one thing is not convenient. This KTM-developed structure may be classified as a motorcycle rather than a car, demanding that occupants wear a helmet.

So there are far-reaching plans to deliver roadster Audi-KTM Northern America car market, but the final decision concerning this project will be accepted (or not) up to the end of this year. If this project will become reality it could create a competition for Opel GT and Saturn Sky.