“Birthday cake” from Audi to celebrate “Quattro” 25 anniversary

Posted on March 18, 2017 in Audi, Audi S4

“Birthday cake” from Audi to celebrate “Quattro” 25 anniversary


Audi Company has decided to celebrate 25 years anniversary of its own four-wheel drive system – “Quattro” by releasing a special series of Audi S4. This series will be named – “Audi S4 25quattro”. It is planned to let release exactly 250 similar cars. We shall remind, that the first Audi car equipped with a “Quattro” system has appeared on sale in 1980.

Audi S4

All S4 of this special series will differ from base models by special body painting in silvery color, 18-inch rims, aggressive front bumper and carbon-fibre front wing. Besides this each of this S4 will receive unique number, from 1 up to 250, new interior with carbon-fibre details, trade mark “Quattro” on a steering wheel and Recaro sport seats.

Besides everything mentioned above, Audi S4 25quattro will be equipped with latest generation of “Quattro” system and will receive already known 4,2 litre 340hp V8 engine. From zero up to hundred kilometres an hour this AUDI S4 can be accelerated in 5,3 seconds, and its maximal speed is limited (like on most German cars) to 250 kilometres per hour. We shall note that all automobiles of this series will receive a six-step mechanical gearbox and the special version of exhaust system with the specific sporty sound.

AUDI S4 25quattro will appear on sales in the near future and will carry a price tag of 60000 US $.