Mitsuoka Orochi concept


A small Japanese carmaker Mitsuoka with a slogan „A small factory with a big dream “has presented production version of their very controversial supercar called Orochi. Word „Orochi“ translates into English as Eight-headed Serpent (Snake) and it gets even weirder (or should we say intimidating), when we dig down to that this name comes from a Japanese mythological creature/beast called „Yamata no Orochi“ – a hydra with eight heads… oOOoooo that is scary. 

For the first time this car was demonstrated as a concept way back in the year 2001, but this company management only came up with a final decision only now.

Well-known and almost legendary sports car Acura NSX is used as a base for this mythological snake car. The engine and drivetrain layout is left the same as in the original NSX, but it is powered with quite unexciting 3.3 liter V6 engine borrowed from Toyota and outputting quite steady 230 hp. To make the things boring and more anti-supercar way, Mitsuoka for some unknown reason equipped Orochi with a five speed automatic gearbox. Damn, that is totally lame, because the car looks super, but in our humble opinion it should not perform very “super” kind of way.

Mitsuoka plans to start manufacturing this supercar (or should we say only a nice car, because as you have read earlier it would not be powered with anything that would make you say woooOUUU) next year and will continue in the upcoming four years. Only 400 units in total will be produced teleporting this four wheeled, eight-headed monster named, very original automobile, in many kind of ways, to the “quite limited and for that reason unique” car category.