So after all more affordable Ferrari will become a reality

Posted on February 18, 2017 in Ferrari

Lately there has been a lot of speculation about so called cheaper Ferrari supercar. At the moment it looked like the whole audience in automotive world has split into two camps – ones were totally positive that this rumor about red color and performance loving Italian supercar maker from Maranello plans to resurrect once quite known model Dino is a absolute truth, the other half had totally reverse opinion. Not so long ago, even Ferrari management added some gasoline to this flame by stating that they are “not developing a cheap Ferrari…”. However AutoExpress using their channels managed to do some successful espionage mission and retrieved details on the upcoming Dino revival.

According to them, new Ferrari will be called 420 Dino, which was born as a Maserati project, but because of the new four dour coupe Quattroporte whole basis (and some ideas) was transferred to the care of “prancing horse”. As this supercar title implies it should be a lot more affordable supercar letting F430 move up the market to higher niche.

New Dino should be powered with all aluminum 4.2 liter 90 degree V8 outputting not very boring 480hp. This V-shaped powerplant will be mounted in front of the car, opposing to the mid-engine configuration in the classical supercar from late sixties and early seventies of the previous century.

Company management has decided that new affordable supercar will be sold in non-convertible hard-top trim with convertible or targa coming soon after. Also according to sources very well know Italian design studio Pininfarina offered the Italian mark to include one extra trim for the new F420 Dino into its line up and, as you might have guessed it, is a convertible hard-top.

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New supercar should make it first major public appearance at some international motor show in 2009. Ferrari plans to manufacture from 3.5 to 5 thousand cars per year that should begin competing with Porsche 911 Turbo and Aston Martin V8 Vantage with a price tag from 82 to 90 thousand Euros (about 109 to 120 thousand US Dollars) in 2010.

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